Welcome to the Divine Union School

At the Divine Union School, we work with 5-step Cycles. Each cycle starts with a Trinity Transmission, followed by a healing and recalibrating transmission for your Divine Masculine, Feminine, and Child, tied together with a second Trinity Transmission.

We all have the Divine Trinity within us, to varying degrees. Sometimes we are more balanced than other times, and it can shift quickly on the path of accelerated ascension from 3D to 5D and above.

You can go through the steps at your own pace if you have access to all the content. So, a 5-step Cycle can for example take three weeks or two months, according to your preferred pace. However, it is a lot of energy to process and integrate, and a certain momentum should be maintained, so listen carefully to your mind, body and soul as you proceed according to your inner guidance.

A Practical Approach to our Inner Depths

The inner Mother, Father and Child can be wounded or healed. Many times conflicts arise within between opposing values and desires causing multidimensional incoherence. Wounds from past lives and ancestral issues have big impacts on us, and the beauty about focusing on the Divine Union is that we can approach all issues with clarity and focus. It is a very helpful framework to rely upon in times of great change, growth, and expansion.

In our work, we share not only transmissions and other channeled material and energy, but also articles and teachings in video format to clarify the themes in ways that are also practical, Q&As and coaching.

Heal Spiritual Warrior Wounds in Trinity with Chiron & Pluto (Sept 10–Dec 31, 2023)

Our first theme was to heal Spiritual Warrior Wounds; a timely theme when Chiron and Pluto were strongly retrograding, bringing our wounds to the fore for healing and alchemization, leading to transcendence. This program is no longer available. We have no upcoming programs schedueled.

Step 1: Trinity Transmissions, Sun Codes & Activations

Step 2: Divine Masculine Transmissions, Sun Codes & Activations

Step 3: Divine Feminine Transmissions, Sun Codes & Activations

Step 4: Divine Child Transmissions, Personal Soul Codes & Activations

Step 5: Trinity Transmissions, Sun Codes & Activations

How to Work with the Cycles

Each cycle has a theme and can be worked with at any time and accessed in the library, but it’s important to move through the steps as described: Trinity 1, Masculine, Feminine, Child, and Trinity 2. And while the content remains highly relevant over time, you get the very most of it if you stay in rhythm with the school’s publication dates, due to the astrological energies we are working with. Retrogrades, cosmic gates, numerology, solar flares, and other phenomena have a profound impact. All energy is downloaded and energy is not bound to space and time, but we also have physical bodies here and we are offering planetary and galactic services as a part of our activities.


Price & Content

Our 5-step cycles cost £99 and include the following:

10 x Transmissions (videos)
5 x Divine Union Prayers (1 per step, video & mp3 download)
Light / Sun Codes with wallpapers for mobile and desktop


Extra Support with a Coaching Session

You can book a 45-minute video call coaching session when you want extra support. This is only available to students who are currently enrolled in a study cycle.

Access to Content

The content for each step is delivered to the students via e-mail. Steps are released on Sundays before 10 am GMT on certain dates according to the schedule for each new theme. Release dates can be pushed forward at times according to Divine Guidance and Timing to best suit the enrolled students and their progress. The publication e-mails contain all the links and downloads for each step. If you join in the middle of a cycle, you receive an email with the links and downloads that are available for immediate access within 36 hours of your purchase.